wound treatment technology, northfield nj

State of the Art Wound Treatment & Technology at the Wound Care Clinic of South Jersey

Our Northfield, NJ experts use the most advanced wound technologies to help our clients in the Egg Harbor Township, NJ area

Technology and therapy go hand in hand at the Wound Care Clinic of South Jersey. We use cutting-edge medical devices and procedures to speed up your wound healing process, including:

    • Ultrasonic Debridement:This technology & treament removes harmful bacteria, reduces the risk of infection, that could otherwise stall the healing process.
    • Allografts: Cellular tissue products that include AMNIOTIC TISSUE. These products produce optimal results without pain during the application.

    • Epidermal Skin Harvesting: This process is minimally invasive and incurs minimal discomfort, and or pain and delivers remarkable results 99% of the time.
    • Dermal Skin Harvesting: Like epidermal skin harvesting, this process grafts your skin to help you fully recover and heal.

Our skilled expert staff can make can make your experience comfortable and virtually pain free.