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We provide a variety of wound treatments to optimize wound healing here at the Wound Care Clinic of South Jersey. We offer patients:

Individualized Care Plans for your specific needs
Comprehensive Follow-Up Visits
Personal Medical Attention
Superior advanced, hands-on wound care by our highly skilled team of clinicians

Visit the Wound Care Clinic of South Jersey based in Northfield NJ and also serving all of Atlantic County, NJ to discuss your wound healing options with one of our experienced staff members.

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A chronic wound is a window to underlying disease. Each wound is a symptom of underlying infirmities that undermine the potential for healing. At the Wound Care Clinic of South Jersey, we believe that your entire body must be treated so that you can fully recover.

If you or loved one has been dealing with a non-healing wound, allow our team to accelerate the healing process. Trust us to be with you throughout your entire recovery process. We provide top quality wound care and chronic wound therapy. We work with the latest state-of-the-art wound treatment technology which allows us to specialize in treatments such as ultrasonic debridement and both dermal & epidermal skin harvesting.

Call 609-377-5150 to schedule an appointment. We accept Medicare and most commercial insurances, including Horizon Blue Cross & Blue Shield, Aetna and AmeriHealth.

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Although our wound treatment center in Northfield, NJ opened in April 2017, the Wound Care Clinic of South Jersey has been providing exceptional wound healing services since 1997. We serve the entire South Jersey Area. Our privately owned Wound Clinic & committed staff is dedicated to the practice of advanced wound care and improving the quality of life to people who suffer with chronic wounds. No matter how challenging your situation is, we will work diligently to promote wound healing, and keep you informed of your progress in every aspect of your care.

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